Winning Language was founded on a simple belief:

If you change the way you use words, you can change anything.

You can change the way you think, so you see things more clearly and approach them more creatively.

And you can change the way other people think, so they see things more clearly. 

You can get them to listen in a world of noise. 
You can get them to trust you before you’ve even met. 
You can persuade them to play a part in your story.


This change lasts. It’s not a cheap trick or a temporary fix. It’s about shifting mindsets, behaviour and culture. 


Anya Zhuravkina


Where have I picked up my



At KPMG, where I spent six years building a programme to change the way this professional services firm communicates in sales. We rolled it out across Audit, Tax and Consulting. Across different sectors and industries: Financial Services, Telco, Cyber, Government.  Across the highest value bids and across the biggest accounts. 

At The Writer, a language consultancy, where I spent six years helping to ignite and roll-out language movements for the likes of BT, Cisco and PwC. I did this in the UK and across the pond, when I set up the business in New York.

At A&B, a market research company, where I learned how our brains are programmed to receive and interpret information. And why, when you understand this, you change your whole approach to marketing, advertising and selling any idea. 


As a Trustee at The Ministry of Stories, an organisation that does for children what I do for grown-ups.

Winning Language associates 


We have a network of brilliant trainers, coaches and writers. So, depending on your brief, we will put together the right team to support you. We will always introduce you to the team before we kick-off. This way, you can be confident not just in their ability, but in how they fit into your culture, too.   

We won a $50M bid. 

We wouldn't have done it 

without Anya's help. 

Stephen Oxley, Partner, KPMG

I was sceptical. But I was blown away by the training and I now use what I learnt every day. Since then, I’ve sent hundreds of my team to this brilliant course.

Partner, KPMG Advisory 




Winning Language has helped:

  • Public, private sector and not-for-profit clients, across different sectors and industries, win multiple £5mil+ contracts.

  • FTSE100 businesses bid smarter, saving them time and money. 

  • Teams go from third to first place in highly competitive tender situations.

Anya is an enigma.


Her ability to coach people to a point where their written and spoken words are much more powerful and effective, is extraordinary.


For example, Anya coached me through For Good Causes entry in KPMG’s Best British Tech Pioneer 2020 semi finals. Through her guidance and support, the pitch was transformed from a rushed , humourless piece into a high impact and highly effective delivery. 


Anya was fundamental to bringing the story to life. If you want to hit harder and win more, I can’t recommend Anya highly enough.

Steve Wilks, Founding Director, For Good Causes

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