Do you ever find yourself asking questions like these:

  • How do I get people to listen to my idea?

  • How do I tell a compelling story? 

  • How do I win that client, bid or pitch?

We help you find the answers through helping you find the right words. 


We do this through a mix of:

  • facilitation   

  • coaching 

  • interviewing 

  • writing 

We also never just leave you and walk away. You'll always get a written output. For example: 

  • A Winning Language Review of your bid (involving editing, pragmatic comments and some rewriting) 

  • A script for your presentation or pitch (and potentially your slides)

  • 'User stories' to get people to understand change (whether it's the impact of a new IT system or a big  transformation project) 

  • A guide to the new tone of voice we've created for you, so you can use it across everything from your bids to your apps. 


As every client, project and bid is different, talk to us and we’ll put together a plan of action for injecting more Winning Language into your organisation.

The earlier you talk to us, the more impact we can have on your end result.  

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