Today, everyone sells. 


Everyone in your organisation, from the most junior to the most senior, has the opportunity to influence a client's decision and persuade them to pick you. 


But, surprisingly, people still too often sound like robots and not like humans – especially when it comes down to what they write.


So, we run workshops to help people do this better. 


Our sessions apply to both:

  •  the written word (e.g. bids, propositions,
    slides and emails) 

  • the spoken word (e.g. pitches and meetings). 

What are our most popular workshops?



  • An inspiring, energy-filled burst of thinking differently about how you communicate with your clients or customers.

  • A good option to fit into an already packed training/team day. (Usually wakes people up after lunch or pre-drinks!)

  • Typical length: 60min-90min.



  • A journey into the wonderful world of using stories to inspire and sell an idea, a proposition, a product or service. 

  • Focus is firmly on the practical, not just the theoretical. We make sure everything can be applied to real situations at work. 

  • Typical length: 60min to half-a-day, depending on your appetite.    


  • An in-depth workshop, where your team will get to learn and practice the skills behind Winning Language. 

  • Don’t worry – they won’t feel like they’re back in their English class at school. But they will leave feeling motivated to put what they’ve learnt into practice straight away.

  • Typical length: half-a-day.


We can organise something bespoke to you and your organisation. Talk to us, and we can design a workshop together that fits your objectives. 

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