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Graphic which says 'trust'.

Everyone is talking about trust. Building trust. Rebuilding trust. Being your ‘trusted advisor’.

But simply writing the word in your values, purpose and mission statement won’t help you create it. 


You have to create a culture where your people and your clients feel it. And then, you have to talk to people in a way that makes them believe in you.


So how do you use language to get people to trust you?

How do you do it in a meeting, pitch, or even before you’ve met?

How do you create a culture – in your organisation or in your team – where people trust one another?

"The word 'trust' has been in the English language for over 800 years and it's not changed its meaning: faith, reliance, confidence, belief.
But now, this word is everywhere.

Trust is not a brand. It's a social glue. Are we diluting one of the most important words in the English language by its overuse?"

Rachel Botsman, author of 'Who can you trust?'

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